What To Do When You Are In Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city, with plenty on offer for the tourists. Tourists come to spend their vacation in the city, enjoying the scenic beauty, exploring the history of the city, enjoying the local festivals, cuisines and indulging in several activities. The city is the perfect destination for people who are looking for a getaway with their family and friends.


During our 6 day trip to the city, we decided to discover the city on foot. Yes, it is a big city with lots to explore – we took time strolling around the streets, busy localities and enjoying some of the best local foods. We visited many local parks, theatres, shopping destinations and museums.


If you plan to visit the city for a short time, prepare your schedule in advance, so that you do not miss out some of the top destinations.


Park Guell –


One of the most popular destinations Park Guell is situated in the higher part of Barcelona which offers some of the best views of city. This is a beautiful park with number of stunning architectonic elements and gardens. The park was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


Museu de La Sagrada Familia –


Anyone who spends a day in Barcelona doesn’t miss visiting the Sagrada Familia Temple. This is one of the landmark places in the city, visited for its grandeur and light.


Barcelona Beach –

As per the Discovery Channel and according to National Geographic, this beach is counted amongst the top 10 beaches in the World. There are 7 beaches in the city which stretch over to more than 2.8 miles. Spend a day along the oldest and largest beaches of the city.


The Magical Montjuic is one of those places, which you can definitely visit for a lovely stroll. The natural surroundings and freshness of the place is quite beckoning for the hundreds of tourists who visit the place daily. Do not miss out the many concerts and other musical extravaganzas in the city. There are a number of shopping destinations and magnificent places to dine, as you choose to spend time in the city.

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